July & August Sunday Evening Services


  • 1st        The 400 Silent Years – Part 1 (Andrew Graham)
  • 8th       The 400 Silent Years – Part 2 (Andrew Graham)
  • 15th      Stephen Neal
  • 22nd     Nigel Eardley
  • 29th     Andrew Graham


  • 5th        Andrew Graham
  • 12th      Andrew Graham
  • 19th      PM: Howard Williams
  • 26th      Andrew Graham

July & August Sunday Morning Services

Continuing in The Sermon on the Mount:

  • 1st       Matthew 6:1-18 (Andrew Graham)
  • 8th      Matthew 6:1-4 (Andrew Graham)
  • 15th    Commissioning Service for Stephen Neal
  • 22nd   Matthew 6:5-14 (Andrew Graham)
  • 29th    Matthew 6:15-18 (Andrew Graham)


  • 5th        Andrew Graham
  • 12th      Andrew Graham
  • 19th      AM: Simon Phillips
  • 26th      Andrew Graham

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