Mission Support

Members of the church are interested in a wide range of cross-cultural mission in various parts of the world. Formally, the church supports the following.


David Young, a member of our church was led to found the Albanian Evangelical Mission over 25 years ago. The Lord has blessed the work, despite difficult beginnings when the country’s dictator Enver Hoxha was in power. In 1991 the country was set free from communist oppression and the church grew rapidly.

David has now retired; one of our members, Steve Neal, worked with AEM in Gjirokastër the south of the country engaged in evangelism and children/young people’s work. We still have links with the Gjirokastër church, including visits to support the summer youth camps.

AEM also supports work amongst Albanians in Kosovo. David Young maintains an interest in communities in Sicily with Albanian roots.


Jim and Margaret Moore, of our church, had a lifetime career as missionaries with London City Mission. Their son Phil now works with LCM. He works with young people, and has responsibility for young people on short term programmes such as gap-year placements.

LCM was founded in 1835 and servers the people of London by way of evangelism, including door-to-door visiting, open-air preaching and a number of mission centres in all parts of London; homeless people are cared for in cafes and hostels, and increasingly there is cooperation with church over youth and toddler groups.


John Green, originally from Britain, went to work in Kenya over 40 years ago. He married Esther who is Kenyan and they have three children, now grown up. The Lord led them to care orphan children, mainly boys, who were living rough on the streets of Eldoret. From small beginnings they now care for about 150 orphans who live in four houses, each headed by a Kenyan married couple. They started a school (Esther was a school teacher) and this has grown to provide education for between 400-700 children, Infant, Primary and Secondary. Local parents pay fees for their children, and TFH children have free education. The school has an excellent reputation, many going to university, or having training for other jobs.

Testimony Church holds services in the school hall and many children have become Christians, some going into the Ministry.

Recent drought in Kenya has made food more expensive, so recent moves are to provide their own food. Spare ground has been ploughed and is growing vegetables and lots of chickens and a few cows were bought.

The Persecuted Church

Release International

OpenDoorsLogo_smlOpen Doors exists to strengthen the church to be the church in the most hostile places. In over 50 countries, Open Doors is supplying Bibles, training church leaders,  delivering Scripture-based literacy programmes and supporting Christians who  suffer for their faith. In the UK and Ireland Open Doors strives to raise awareness of global persecution, mobilising prayer, support and action among Christians.

The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute